The Man Who Brought You Brexit

the-man-who-broughtBritain’s vote to leave the EU was the grand finale of a 25-year campaign by a lonely sect of true believers.
“…you don’t get to Brexit without someone dreaming up the window – the remedy of leaving – in the first place. And during those long years inside the European project, that was the work of the right wing of the Conservative party. To be specific, a small, somewhat esoteric part of that wing: a flash of feathers, almost, a sect of true Eurosceptic believers who dreamed and schemed for this moment for the last 25 years. Most worked for little else, with no reward, and with no sign that they would ever prevail. “Like the monks on Iona,” as one of their former parliamentary researchers told me, “illuminating their manuscripts and waiting for the Dark Ages to come to an end.” And no one in that group worked with more devotion than Daniel Hannan, a Conservative member of the European parliament for south-east England.”
Written and read by Sam Knight. Produced by Simon Barnard

The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads | 28th October 2016