Being Bored: The Importance of Doing Nothing

being_bored_2Is boredom under threat? In fact, there is so much to stimulate our everyday lives that we need never be bored ever again. And what would we miss if we did eliminate boredom completely from our lives? The happily bored Phill Jupitus takes a creative look at this misunderstood emotion. He examines what boredom is, and how it has influenced our leisure time, our workplaces, our creativity and our evolution. He scrutinizes its impact on comedy, art, music, and television, taking us from punk to prison, from J. R. R. Tolkien to Sherlock Holmes, from Danish sex clubs to London’s ‘Boring Conference’.

Interviews include – the Reverend Richard Coles, the writer Natalie Haynes, the artist George Shaw, the comedy writer & producer Robert Popper, the psychologist Peter Toohey, the punk musician Gaye Black (formerly of The Adverts), the psychologist Sandi Mann, the BBC newsreader Simon McCoy, Dr Teresa Belton and the social media entrepreneur Jodie Cook.

Seriously… | 22nd November 2016